Ballistic Shields

The defining factor in materials performance.



Our Minotaur-IIIA+ line is the elite line of shields for breaching and patrol. 
(+ FN 57 SS197 and SS195)

Eagle -IV

The Eagle - IV is the lightest large 18x36 level IV shield available weighing less than 30lbs.

Eagle's Perch

The EP40 Agile Shield Fighting Post offers unmatched shield mobility and deployment.

Minotaur Shield - III

When you need advanced protection rifle protection in an escalating environment grab the Minotaur Shield.

Level III+ Ceramicless

Advanced fabrics capable of stopping Level III+ threats. 

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Field Testing

Watch Mike Ott conduct field testing on the Minotaur IIIA+


Shield Training

Learn the Basics from Law Enforcement professionals and trained personnel in Breaching, Clearing, Hostage Rescue and SWAT Tactics utilizing the shield.

Shield Basics

Watch basic maneuvers with the Minotaur IIIA+