Female Body Armour

Proven technology to protect our 
law enforcement personnel and soldiers

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Legio X - NIJ Level IV
The Legio X offers complete torso coverage without excessive weight. Throughout history female soldiers were fewer in number, but in today's world it is an everyday occurrence. Armourer's Choice embarked on a mission to build the most comfortable, lightest and highest performing female torso plate on the market.

The Chimera IIIA+

These plates are setting the bar in comfort for female officers around the world. With custom cup sizes and shapes, offering the maximum fit for maximum performance.

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Custom Shapes

The female form is not the same from person to person, and with that being said it is important to ensure the fit by selecting the correct shape to meet your body shape.

Cup Sizes

The armour comes in a variety of cup sizes to meet the specific shape of the person donning the armour system.


You get the same level of protection as the other Legio X and the Chimera products but in a shape that fits your body more naturally.

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Proper Fit

Your armour should fit snug against the body to avoid chaffing, hot spots and pressure points. Each officer should be custom sized and fitted with their armour to ensure they get the most out of the performance.

Decrease employee discomfort and increase employee satisfaction by providing them equipment that is fitted properly.

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