Helmet Technology

Lighter, stronger, better and a more comfortable fit - our helmets out perform the competition.

Advancements in Helmet Technology

We have revolutionized the concept of ballistic performance for helmets. Our composite armour system is capable of stopping higher energy threats compared with traditional helmets of today without compromising weight.

Our Helmets come in 2 models, the ACH and the ECH (High Cut) for use with or without communications headsets.

Utilizing a patented polymer technology combined with advanced core materials, Armourer's Choice Inc. (ACI) offers NIJ Level 3A protection in the most comfortable and lightweight advanced combat helmet available to market.

The helmet features a weight of 1.36 kg. full size; 1.14 kg. mid-cut; 0.91 kg. full cut.


Advanced Composite Shell

Our Patent-Protected Polymer Technology enhances our proprietary core materials to effectively stop advanced threats that a helmet would not typically encounter. Making our helmet technology the most revolutionary on the market today.

See a live-fire test conducted on a helmet at Oregon Ballistics Laboratory below.


Odoo • Image and Text

Bump Helmet

Our bump helmets are lightweight and offer all the standard attachment points. Made entirely of Carbon Fiber and our patented Resin System it offers the most advanced protection available on the market today.

Partners in Performance

We have partnered with Auxadyne, LLC to offer the highest quality in performance foam pads for our ballistic helmets. 
There revolutionary foam takes our helmet to the cutting edge of technology and beyond.